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Born in Monrovia, Liberia, TUMA Enterprises, Inc. is the brainchild of a dedicated son (Arnold H. Badio) giving honor and legacy to his mother, Susanna GW Morais affectionately called Tuma. After her death in April 2010, he registered the company in Liberia to honor her memory. By so doing, his ultimate endeavor would be to unite his siblings under the promise to give back to his country using their collective expertise to create opportunities for family and businesses alike.

Since then, that personal dream has manifested itself through a Holding Company, Tuma Enterprises, Inc. that spearheads the directions of three independent subsidiary companies, namely Tuma Consultants, 2ma Sugoi, and Four56 Vacation Club. Tuma Enterprises..., Inc. main function is to work alongside Venture Capital Firms and Investors found mainly in Asia, specifically Japan, to generate much needed capital to grow business opportunities in West Africa. TUMA Enterprises, Inc. has become a forerunner in providing much needed capital to individual business owners and start-up in West Africa. The company stands on its organizing principles of family and promise to offer innovative services to our family of customers. At this juncture, TUMA Enterprises, Inc. operates offices in Monrovia, Liberia, Accra, Ghana, Freetown, Sierra Leone, and Virginia, U.S.A. The company boasts of 13 highly qualified full-time employees and 26 Management Consultant Contractors spread throughout West Africa and Asia. For 10 years the company has been providing expert business consultancy, smart solutions and App software development, manufacturing, sales and distribution of cell phones and other digital devices, vacation, and travel planning, booking, concierge and other excursion services.


We endeavor to keep our original goal of uniting families with the expertise necessary to become successful. We endeavor with every consultation and sale to provide innovative services and products that will bring ECOWAS countries closer into the digital age. That’s our promise to you.


To deliver technological solutions to business challenges and create innovative tools to sustain development in West African Markets, while becoming the experts in offering opportunities for growth and development to Start-Ups.


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Professional Services

Services We Offer

Capital and Business Consultancy

Tuma Consultants provides management and business technology consultant...

Financial Exchange Services

Sugoi Exchange is an arm of Tuma Consultants that handles digital currency...

Smart Solutions and App Software Development

Audit and analysis of business processes to streamline product efficiency...

Manufacturing, Sales and Distribution of Digital Devices

Driven mainly by a manufacturing, sales, and distribution business model...

Travel, Vacation and Excursion Services

Offer smart vacations and business travel plans, around the world...


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Our Featured Projects

Featured Projects



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Arnold H. Badio, MBA

President & CEO

David T Browne, MBA

Vice President Operation

Professional Staff



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Crown Prince Plaza, Suite #2 Tubman Boulevard, Congo Town Monrovia, Liberia - West Africa





Building #F8101/1, Eleventh Lane, Osu, Accra, Ghana - West Africa





85 Sir Samuel Lewis Road, Aberdeen, Freetown, Sierra Leone - West Africa



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